Citrus Solution Testimonials

"Dear Steve, We built our home 9 years ago, & installed very high quality Ivory colored berber carpet. We are "empty-nesters", so we thought the lighter color would be fine. Our master bedroom carpet has more traffic than other rooms in our home, & before I met you we were considering replacing it. We were having another carpet cleaning company come in to clean at least every 6 months, & within a short time the stains & dirt would come back to the surface. I am absolutely thrilled to have met you, & being introduced to your product. It's been 3 months since you cleaned our carpet, & it still looks GREAT! I just want you to know that I feel comfortable recommending your company to others. Besides my two real estate offices, we also have a large Property Management Company, & have many calls for carpet cleaning. Warmest Regards, Phyllis Lee - Broker, Owner, Century 21 Myers-Lee Real Estate"

"Citrus Solution saved my children months of allergy suffering! My 6-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son have had winter allergies from the time they were brought home from the hospital. I had Citrus Solution come to my house to remove spots and stains caused by my two little blessings and a wonderful 'side affect' happened. For the first time in their lives my children did not have to endure a winter full of medications, stuffy noses, and itchy eyes! This in itself is worth every penny spent on the carpet cleaning, never mind the fact that my berber covered floors looked new again. The entire process took half the time it has with the "steamer" type companies I've used in the past, and the carpet was dry in a flash with little interruption to our daily activities. The smell makes you feel as though you are in a ready to harvest orange grove just after summer shower. I can't thank Citrus Solution enough. God Bless You," -Don G.

"As a 'veteran' wall to wall carpet owner with pets...I can tell you I have had numerous carpet cleaning companies called in over the years to bail me out of embarrassing situations prior to socal gatherings and parties at my home. Only trouble was...a few days after the cleaning took place...the spots always came back...not to mention the smell!!!" "The cleaning YOU performed with Citrus Solution changed all that. Not only am I spot-free...but the house smells totally fresh from top to bottom! Thank you s000000 very much for delivering such an incredible service with this superior product. You can be sure I will call you for all future cleaning needs and I'm serious about passing out your cards and telling my friends about Citrus Solution. I'll be doing them an incredible favor!!!" -Dianne M.