Our Unique Process

The citrus solution process of cleaning carpet is unique. We use a more natural product made from the extracts of citrus fruits. The key to this cleaning process is in the remarkable cleaning ability of the citrus solution that repels the dirt and most stains from the carpet fibers without using soaps, shampoos, or harsh cleaning chemicals. When the inventor first started using the citrus solution he used the steam cleaning method. He pondered upon the best way not to damage the carpets and while discussing the best way to clean carpets with his customers...he came upon our 3-step cleaning process that we use now. A PROCESS THAT ACTUALLY WORKS!

Cleaning your Carpet (A 3 Step Process)

Step 1: We spray the carpet with a light mist of the citrus solution - enough to make the carpet fibers lightly damp. The amount of solution used is based on the soiled condition of the carpet. Some stains get a little extra attention with our citrus solution (spot treatment).

Step 2: We use a 100 pound industrial buffer with a dirt napper pad (flattened mop) to take up the stains and "massage" the solution into the fibers of the carpet. At the same time the circular brush acts like a tornado and brings up all of the hair, dirt, dead skin, etc. that is trapped between the fibers to the surface of the carpet.

During Step 2, the citrus solution is actively working to try and brighten the carpet back to its original color. The carpet is still slightly wet, but will dry quickly. Usually within 2 hours.

Step 3: We now vacuum the carpet with a commercial vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner is very powerful and ensures that all the loose sand, dirt and hair is removed from the carpet. The carpet is now clean and will dry quickly. Most carpets are dry within two hours, and the room will have our clean natural smell of citrus fragrance.

Cleaning your Furniture

Your furniture is cleaned using the same citrus solution used in cleaning your carpets. We will either hand-rub the solution into the fabric to lift the stains or we will use a mini-spotter machine. Citrus Solution removes most stains and brings the upholstery fibers back to life. Cleaning the furniture is time consuming hence the cost of cleaning furniture but Citrus Solution does a great job!

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