Carpet Cleaning Pricing

Our pricing structure is simple and straightforward—no hidden fees or charges, EVER!!! We NEVER “up-sell.” The price quoted is the price you pay! While most companies give you a low price to get in the door only to walk away with 3 times what you thought you were going to pay...we tell you over the phone the cost. Or you can figure it out on this page. The only time a price will change is when you add an area, or additional services are requested. As always, we guarantee our phone quotes.

We charge by the room/area, as indicated below. As always, we guarantee our phone quotes.

***Minimum Charge $90.00***

Service Price
Standard Room $45.00
Bonus Room (up to16x20) $65.00
Stairs (between floors) $45.00
Hall (up to 20ft.) $25.00
Sofa/Couch (up to 96") $75.00
Sectional $135 and up
Loveseat $65.00
Upholsetered Chair $55.00
Dining Room Chair (seat Only) $10.00
Ottoman $25.00
Area Rug $45.00 and up

Benefect Disinfectant is available for treating problematic pet odors for an ADDITIONAL $20.00 per room.

We provide Free Estimates to Commercial Building with the set price of .25 (cents) per sqft.

ROOMS - If you’re not sure what to consider a room. These should help clear things up. If you were getting paid to clean the carpet, would you consider your room one room, or two? Another way to figure this out is: What does the floor plan say?

The only time a price will change is when an area or item has been added, or additional services are requested.


  • Wool
  • Berber
  • Heavily soiled areas
  • Pet stains
  • People who are left-handed
  • People who drive trucks
  • If your last name is Gates, Dell, or Kennedy
  • Well you get the idea….

Our customers with an allergic reaction to allergens have also reported great results in their health after using our services. Using our Citrus Solution on carpets and upholstery fabrics not only cleans them - but Citrus Solution also kills dust mites and removes a high percentage of the allergens deposited by dust mites.

Citrus Solution is Ph neutral, we create no waste water, and D-limonene is biodegradable. Our D-limonene is the derived cleaning agent made from the oils and peels of oranges, lemons and grapefruits that make our product work. D-limonene is also one of the essential oils used in aroma therapy.

Call today for an appointment, we know you’ll love us. When we’re through, you‘ll think it’s new!

This will NOT happen to you with us!!