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Owner: Steve Fouts. Welcome to my Citrus Solution web Site!

Citrus Solution Works! You have to see it to believe it. This way of cleaning carpets is an experience customers appreciate! A Special Thanks to all of our customers telling their friends and family about Citrus Solution Carpet Cleaning! Once you go Orange you will never go back!

We proudly serve Portland, Corpus Christi, Ingleside, Aransas Pass, Rockport, Port Aransas and the rest of the Texas Coastal Bend area.

After 23 years in the Navy I bought the Texas Coastal Bend Territory from Citrus Solution Corporate which is located in Georgia. Citrus Solution Coastal Bend started July 17, 2007.

I appreciate your time to visit my web site and hope you find it very educational. After I was introduced to Paul Romonick the inventor of Citrus Solution, I was simply amazed at how well this product cleaned carpets and how pleased repeat customers were to see him to come back to their homes. I knew from the first job we did together that this was an exciting new way of cleaning carpets. More people are aware of the cleaning power of citrus-based cleaners. Adding that our product is more environmentally friendly is a winning combination. Citrus Solution companies are quality companies that prove to their communities that there is a better, safer way, to get carpets cleaned. Citrus Solution has an exclusive cleaning product unlike any other.

I know there are plenty of "steam cleaning" companies using hot water to clean carpets. Which used to be the way to clean carpets? Not anymore! There are also other companies using buffers to clean carpets but they are using soap or shampoo in the process. Using soap or shampoo has turned out to be the worse way to clean carpets. Buying off the shelf products with soap or shampoo in them to spot clean is also a big problem. The carpets look great at first but the soap is left in the carpet and over a short period of time the carpets can look worse than before. Why? The soap attracts the dirt and attaches to the soap. That is the reason why you want Citrus Solution to clean your carpets. Citrus Solution neutralizes the soap others leave in the carpets. This is why a Citrus Solution carpet cleaning stays cleaner longer!

Citrus Solution has no added chemicals or sticky soap/shampoo, which attracts dirt. We do not use hot water that can soak your carpets for hours (mold/mildew) which can also cause delaminating. Delamination is the separation of the secondary backing from the primary backing of the carpet. After a carpet gets too wet from "hot water cleaning" and then dries, shrinkage can occur in the backing and will lead to carpet wrinkling and puckering, and the carpet "seems" can also start showing. We do not waste water nor do we have waste water. We do not pour dirty water into our fragile water system.

I really enjoy all aspects of this carpet cleaning business. Meeting new clients is the best because I know a long relationship has just begun. I also know I’m providing an invaluable service to them that cannot be found elsewhere, and they really and truly appreciate it. (See our Testimonials page).

Citrus Solution is Ph neutral, we create no waste water, and D-limonene is biodegradable. Our D-limonene is the derived cleaning agent made from the oils and peels of the oranges, lemons and grapefruits that make our product work.

Meeting Paul has been a blessing. He is supportive, helpful, and has 20+ years in the business. His business and marketing knowledge on carpet cleaning is unsurpassed. Having a product that actually works and having customers recommending Citrus Solution to their friends and relatives makes it easy to conduct business. If your interested in getting into a business like mine please talk with me I'm always available. Citrus Solution is going Nation Wide and plenty of great market areas are available.

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